When I work with kids (as some of you might know I work as a children’s physical therapist
in my spare time) I often bump into the need of parents to diagnose their children.

To make it more comprehendible for them and for the people close to them.

Why? Because when children are not acting or being “normal” to society standards there is
something wrong.

I feel there are two ends of the stick. It is about responsibility and about money.

Because if you have a diagnose there is nothing to change. You are safe.

If you have a diagnose you can get money to help.

I asked Sandhya about it:

My love, you know the answers to this but you still want me to explain it so it
looks better right?

Diagnoses are there because humans don’t rely on their own gut feeling anymore.

Diagnoses are there because they make you feel like you belong somewhere. That you can
say no it isn’t my fault, look, I got this and that.

So that it is ok to suffer. To explain to your friends and family that your child is
not normal.

To explain why you act the way you do. That you really do not feel ok so that others
look after you.

And you know what? That is the core of the so to speak problem. You are all afraid to
work on your shit, to accept this child in its beauty. To set your boundaries
to school, family and relatives.

To finally work on you to release the trauma that caused your body to get DIS

What about the children that got diagnosed? Some of them agreed to take on a DIS
EASE in their soul contract.

They are here to teach us. Some of them just because they wanted this experience. Yes,
even the small children with horrible disease.

Children with behavioral problems ask of you to speak your own truth, to love yourself.

Having a diagnose makes your world feel safe. But the truth is, it also is keeping you
in the old stuck position. Reliving trauma, suffering, pain.

Why did this disease come to you in the first place? Because it is time to change, to
face the fears and release it from your system. That’s all.

You get this Margarita, because you see the Souls of the children and the grown-ups
with the DIS EASE and you can help them to reach freedom.

I love you so much!”

I know this sounds harsh to all the people who are suffering or have a child with a diagnose.

But it is the truth and there’s hope to be found in the fact that there’s always a way

Our health system is based on fear. And money. Listen to your own guidance and speak your
own Truth.

I love you so much, Margarita

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