Working Private with Me

3 month Relationship Package including Voxer in between guidance:

This 3 month is for you if you are struggling with personal relationships. Either Romantical or family related relationships.

It is all about who you are and your past.

What we will be covering is tuning into your past (without digging it up so it feels really safe), what is showing up in your presence, how does your body relates to relationships.

We are healing the bodysystem, the energetic system and your past systems. Then we create new relationships together. If you are single, in a relationship or currently got out of one doesn’t really matter.

We will be doing YOU.

2 month Relationship package for couples including Voxer in between guidance:

If you are struggling in your relationship and you need a refreshing way of Relationship therapy you are in the right spot.

Together we are going to tune in on what you both have active in your system that is triggered in the relationship and is keeping your relationship from flowing.

I will help you heal and release and update your relationship to a new level.

3 month Awakening support package with in between guidance through Voxer:

We are going to guide you through your awakening and heal your soul.

We will cover: – Relationships (family, friends, romantic, children) – Your childhood and ancestral blocks – Your body system, brain system and energetic system – Your work – Your Soul Purpose

After 3 months you will feel free, are able to manage your own life in all aspects with ease, joy and abundant…

Because I am aware of the big leap you are going to take I offer you the opportunity to book a free Soul Discovery call with me so we can tune into what package suits you most.

Are you interested in learning more about Your Soul?

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