Meditation is the new diet. Everyone should practice it because it has major health benefits.

But then comes the question, how the )*^*&% do you practice it?

I found that every single one of my clients has a different answer.

They practice buddha style, guided meditations, breathing meditations, sound meditations and so on.

But which is the best one to do? Is it really necessary to sit? On a cushion that makes your bum feel like wood after a few minutes? Or sitting still for minutes and having your body ache? Or even standing in a difficult position?

I asked my Higher Self Sandhya about it and she said:

Meditation is only a word. It is not a tool. Meditation is a state of being. Being with your Higher Self in complete harmony. Where you get your clarity and your guidance. But you people want to name everything you do and make it comprehendible.

You want to make rules for it. The thing is, meditation is not a tool to get the car that you want. Meditation is your original state of being. Your gateway to God and your Higher self and other dimensions. Your recharger.

Meditation is in everything. In walking in nature, in lying in bed feeling warm and cozy, in hugging, even in sex. In feeling the warmth of the Sun on your face, in knowing that there is more to life than what you are currently living. It is in following your guidance, in seeing the results. It is the way to heal, you know that Margarita as you are meditating to get your clients healed.

And you also know Margarita, that when your brain wasn’t healed yet you could meditate but it didn’t feel yummy as it feels now. And it wasn’t as easy as it is now. Now it is like a click of a button, you are switching it on and off. Mostly it is on now.

You know that it took healing of the brain, body and energy to get there.

So now go out and heal as many people as you can Margarita so they can get to know the REAL meditation. I love you so much!”

Sandhya is right. Before I started my Awakening I couldn’t meditate. I meditated because I wanted to manifest things into my life. Change.

I now know I couldn’t reach the state of being that is called “meditation” often because my brain was damaged.

Meditation is in every aspect of our lives if we choose to see it.

Meditation is for me driving my car, working with clients healing their childhood, walking, drinking my coffee, watching the soccer game of my boys seeing them have fun, watching Theo playing fetch, hugging my man, saying hello to a stranger in the street, having a talk with an insect.

And because of meditation being so personal I don’t recommend this or that meditation.

I tune into my clients and see what would help them reach meditation- state in their life.

So I created runnatations, horsatations, walkatations, boatatations, sleepatations because if your body is full of low vibrations and your brain full of chatter sometimes you need to go with the flow. Meditation is not always about slowing down, sometimes it is about speeding up..

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