Weight is a big issue for most of us. There is so much of our self-worth attached to weight and how we look.

We judge others but mostly ourselves by the amount of weight (too much or too little) they are carrying but also you judge yourself on how much you weigh.

You attach so much to your appearance, also because of our environment is judgmental. “Big people are stupid” or “she is so thin she probably has anorexia” are commonly heard (and thought by yourself).

I see so many people struggle with their weight and the internet is so full of “solutions”.

Why is it then, that despite the kind of food you are eating or are not eating and the amount of exercise you do, you are not losing the weight? At least, not permanently?

Why are there so many people choosing to undergo life threatening surgery to cut out pieces of their stomach for weight loss?

Why is does it seem so hard to have the body you want?

Spirit and Sandhya (my higher self) answered my questions;

“Your body is only doing what the subconscious mind is telling it to do. There is an image of your current body imbedded in your brain. It is based on what happened to you, on memories, maybe on traumatic experiences. So, you want the weight loss and go on a diet and exercise. This is where the trouble starts for the brain. Because the only thing the brain wants is balance. Where you start the diet, the brain starts the OMG something is wrong, she/he is undermining the system!

Your body cannot do anything else then follow your diet and effort in the gym and starts to lose the weight. You are happy, because your body starts to change. The situation in the brain is totally different. The more weight the body loses the more the brain starts to “panic” because your body gets further and further away from the perfect image of the body. That means, the body before you started to lose the weight. So outside you look perfect but inside you are in big doodoo.

So, there comes the moment your brain gets a hold on your thoughts. And there it goes, it starts bringing you little voices in your head telling you; you can have a little piece of chocolate, there is no harm in that! Or your body starts craving certain food, or you start having binge eating moments where you binge eat your diet food. Your body starts gaining weight, your pattern of guilt kicks in and you feel like a loser.

The brain relaxes because it is getting more and more in the area of her/his perfect body image again.

Can you see the cycle? Can you feel what is happening? You have been going through this Margarita, this is so familiar for you.

Do you know why you have been going through all of this? Because it prepared you for this moment, the moment where you can tell the world how it really is. Let me tell you…

The Secret behind weight loss is not the diet, not the punishing yourself by not eating food or beating your body up in the gym. You need to go back to the moments, the memories that caused your brain to change the body image from a healthy slim body into a body with fat stored.

The key is in those moments and memories, the emotions attached to them are the ones stored in the fat cells. Some of you have a beautiful slim body but health issues and fat storage around the organs. Same story.

If you force your body to lose weight the emotions (low stored vibration) need to go somewhere else. So, this is where the brain panics because storing low vibrations in the fat cells is the least dangerous way to store.

So, this is why we are teaching you how to heal the brain system of the people you are working with, because this is where all the answers are. The answer to forever loose the weight, get cured from disease and live a happy life is in healing the brain.

The brain is the KEY, the body is only listening… “

At this moment I am healing my brain and with that my body image will change. I am able to do this with your brain as well.

Effortless, because that is how it is meant to be. Weight loss isn’t about struggle, dieting and exercise. It is about the balance in your brain system.. About releasing the emotions from the memories and relabeling them.. I can help you with that…

Xx Margarita

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