My body tells my story about my life.

When I was in the womb my mum developed diabetics. So I was born into this world already weighing nine pounds. When I was three years old the abuse started. I remember exactly the moment where my body froze.

I developed the urge to move. So my family started to subscribe me like the active girl. So I started playing soccer and I was really good at it. I was always outside, playing.

My body grew and I became a girl. That is the moment where my abuse stopped and my body decided being a girl was not a safe thing. I developed an eating habit that caused me to gain weight. I was craving for sugar, food, comfort.

When I looked in the mirror I felt deep deep hate for that swollen body.

With every inch my body grew in length and I started to develop female parts I felt myself sinking deeper into selfhate and the need to sooth that with food.

I really hated that body. Because it felt like an alien that wasn’t me. That is my story, my Margarita story..

Let me tell you the story like my body wants to share;

“I grew in a womb energy system that didn’t feel safe so I decided to created diabetes for you to help you sooth. I let you gain weight because it protects you, simply because low vibration memories are less harmful outside your body then inside. Fatcells have their own consciousness so I asked them to keep the harmful memories of my mumsystem safe so they wouldn’t do any harm to your brain. When those two people started abusing you I froze the body, so you couldn’t feel the pain, the doom and the devastation so much. I wanted to stop this low vibration energy that it generated from flowing freely through the body. I urged the body to move and move and move so it could release some of the stored low vibration. I tought the brain to start craving sugar because sugar relaxes the alarmsystem in your body and helps you gain weight. The weight that you needed to store all the low vibration created by the abuse. I also helped your brain hide the memories. I created voices in your head. I did everything to keep you safe. Protected. I helped you create fear that protected you from further harm. I created a negative selfimage to keep you safe from strangers touching your body without your permission. I really only wanted to keep you safe.”

We all have a body story that relates to what happened to us.

Creating disease in the body is because the system isn’t able to cope with the stored vibrations, memories and emotions.

Your body is able to tell you what needs change. That is what I listen to when working with clients. Your body can tell me exactly what happened to you.

So that I can help the healing and releasing. To turn the tide to not create disease. Or even better, to heal the already existing disease.

Start listening to your body story and stand side by side…

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