This morning I woke up with a stiff and hurtful neck and pelvic area. Normally when pain shows up I take painkillers but not this morning.

I decided to go lie down and ask my HS and body about it. Immediately the pain increased, spreading out to the rest of the body. So now my ears were ringing, my head hurts, my whole back started to hurt.

I asked my body, please tell me about this pain. Why does it hurt so much? She said; “My love, your body hurts because you stored so much anger in it. Anger because of someone touching you without your permission but also because of all the devastation that is there.

I didn’t want you to feel the anger all the time so I stored it in your muscles and tendons and bones. The anger you feel now is because of people telling you they loved you and then acted differently. The anger is because of the destruction to your brain and because of the hurt of nobody protecting you when you were too small to protect yourself.

So every time someone touches you I activate some more adrenaline to protect you. The adrenaline doesn’t go anywhere so I store it in your body too. Me now showing it as pain is because pain is one of the ways to get you alert.

To bring you the opportunity to start releasing and get clarity on what memory it is attached to.. Please help me release this. So I realized how much my body had done for me and still does to keep me in a comfortable state and how much it suffers because of this.

The messages behind this is that the body always is telling you a story. And that it brings up pain and illness so you get the opportunity to release what is stored and the memories that are still hurting you every day. I feel now how much anger I have stored, just by not doing what I did and taking pain killers but by asking my body what is going on.

My HS Sandhya is saying to me and you; “I love you so much, I want you to be free.

So listen to your body, start working on releasing. There is nothing serious going on. Like there is nothing serious going on when the body creates cancer or other auto immune disease, or just pain.

Listen to it and help it release and you will be free. Margarita, this is your niche. To help others heal their body but also their energy and release them from the pain. I love you so much for doing this.” I cried after this because it is true, this is my Souls Purpose.

Healing your body and brain and energetic system from all that is still hurting you today, even if it only shows up as depression or physical pain.

I love you all so much!

x Margarita

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