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Soul Releasing Psychic

Who am I?

I am Margarita, and I’m a Soul Releasing Psychic.

I am a psychic with extra special abilities and with my gift I can help you release negative emotions, to heal the subconscious mind and heal your soul from what you’ve picked up through your life; in childhood but also in adulthood.

If you are dealing with depression, anxiety, PTSD, auto- immune disease I can help you heal from that – Yes, truely heal. I’m not offering the standard solutions that you’ve already tried but offer real healing of your brain; updating your brain and your body to reach a ahppy place where you are free of pain and negativity.

If you are in your Spiritual Awakening process and own a related business, or are thinking of starting one, I can help you with that too.

The most important aspect of my ability is that I can give you back the remote control for your life. Control of your body… control of your mind and the thought process… It’s truly powerful and you only have to read my reviews to see the life changing differences I have guided my clients to make.

How can I do that, you ask? I was once in your shoes – I grew up losing people I loved, including my mum. I didn’t “live” for 37 years, I merely survived each day. I had panic attacks, gained weight, I was depressed. It was like I was in someone else’s life, not in my own. I didn’t feel safe in my life. 

After my 37th birthday, I began my Spiritual Awakening process and discovered my true Soul Purpose.

Yes, I am Margarita – a Soul Releasing psychic – But who are YOU?

In a private Zoom session we work on you. In a safe, secure place, we will discover what needs to be healed, released and reprogrammed within you. I never offer prewritten programs; they are all bespoke and unique to you. It's is all about you because you are beautiful and unique.

In between each sessions you will have access to me on Voxer, I want to be there for you at all times during the process.

In a private Zoom session of 1 hour we can cover a transformation on one aspect of your life.

Relationships, health, connecting to your Higher Self or Soul Purpose, work or family.

If you have more than one aspect that is bothering you please also check out my 3 month packages or book a free Soul discovery call.

In a closed Facebook group I offer weekly sessions that are available on replay as too.

The sessions will cover healing but also provide an insight for you to enable a release of what is no longer required in your system. 

This option also offers a community where you can connect with likeminded people.

In a 20 minute private Zoom session we will discover how I can help you and identify what program would suit you best.


I want to take the chance to share about what Margarita did for me and what fantastic results showed up, almost immediately. 

Let’s start with a week, that was really challenging.

Beginning of the week I had a car accident where the car was damaged completely. While not having any physical injuries I felt guilty and worthless as it happened in an already very challenging situation. Our beautiful dog had been diagnosed with bone cancer, very advanced already, being a medical intuitive myself, I instantly understood what this means.

Long story short, two days after the car accident, which still held me line of like frozen, we had to let go our dog. His pain has gotten too big so we had no choice but to help him.

In the way his pain disappeared , my pain seemed to be unbearable.

I was screaming, crying, feeling completely lost and helpless.

I passed Margarita a message. My intuition guided me to reach out to her. She mentioned my own pain and how this was connected to the actual happening. She offered me a session the very next day. Although I felt a massive resistance to working on anything right away, I knew I wanted to show up. Knowing somehow that this could help with so many things not being in alignment in my life.

What happened then was far from what I could imagine. Margarita asked me about my childhood and while I didn’t know what say at first, he’s energy guided of to start sharing with her.

Every word she added to my story, hinted exactly what the true cause was. She then took me on a beautiful guided meditation but I promise, it was not only a meditation but you have to give it name. I normally don’t follow any meditation, it really upsets me. Not this time. With all my senses I followed her words, first time ever visualize and truly experienced our journey.

I’m only a short amount of time she helped me not only clear childhood drama with my mom, the trauma of my mom, my dad’s trauma and she sealed the excruciating pain that missing my dog had caused.

I hadn’t felt that peaceful and light ever before. I could see, that literally everything is alignment and could honor the gift of my dogs passing.

I’m deeply grateful for her beautiful work that my words can only describe in bits and pieces.

Margarita is such a gift and I can only ask to reach out to her. Don’t wait until tomorrow.

Only thing you have to loose is pain, negative emotions, negative events in your life.

The gift you get from working with Margarita is something you might not even dream of.

Peace, freedom, abundance, wealth and all of that in the midst of the darkest times.

Thank you Margarita! Martina Waidhas

If anyone is thinking about leaping on board with Margarita. Please just do it. She is truthful, sincere and always there FOR YOU. The modules help you release your issues and you get into very close relationships with your emotions and Margarita ‘holds you hand’ through the journey. It’s only after a few months of processing what I released including doing the exercises she recommends that I am able to follow my true purpose. If you are almost there, just trust and go go go with Margarita. She comes with much knowledge and love ❤️💚

🙋‍♀️Hello! As some of you may know, I’ve been on a programme with Margarita van der Harst for a few weeks now and oh boy, what a journey it’s been! 💖💗💖 I’ve always felt I had more to give the world, but was blocked and doubtful, until the universe drew me to Margarita… Words alone cannot do adequate justice for the gratitude I have in my heart for her guidance and support on my journey so far… She has unlocked my potential with ease and cleared my soul for takeoff!

Hello, my beautiful lady!!! this is me, your lucky student 😍 from all my heart THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! ❤️🙏❤️ It was an amazing journey with YOU.🤗 It wasn’t easy, but definitely worth every second!!! Now I can see and I know who I truly am. I know my real purpose!!! Still a lot of questions and doubts how I’m going to do it, but I’m not alone… 😉 Such a relief and ease, feels that I can fly, even now my eyes are full of happy tears! I’m so grateful and full of love! 💥Guys, if you are really ready to have more from your life, Margarita is definitely the lady you need to work with.💥🎯 Margarita is absolutely kind, caring person – always been able to contact her during my clearance of S…T stuff 😀 Easy to talk, easy to laugh, easy to cry together … THANK YOU one more time, and I know that it is just the beginning, LET THE PARTY BEGIN!!!! ❤️😍💃💃💃😘❤️🤗🙏

Jurgita Zilinskiene

Working with Margarita has been life changing and I cannot believe how much my sense of self, my belief in my potential and my vision have changed as a result. She shone a light on many different areas of my life story and helped me re-evaluate my approach to life as a result of her intuitive approach. I highly recommend working with Margarita if you are looking for someone to help you become who you are meant to be. Thank you.

Phillipa T

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